A Personal Story

Family Traditions



There was a lot of discussion in the past about the winter Olympics coming to Whistler in 2010. While lots of people were opposed the idea, I truly supported it. I grew up in a household where my family watched each Olympics and proudly cheered on our athletes.

At home in Slovakia, even if we didn’t follow a particular sport throughout the year we made sure to not miss a single event. The Olympics always had a bigger meaning to me, it was more about national pride and supporting your country than being the best in the world.



I never thought that one day I would be able to take part as a spectator. Being given a huge opportunity I took advantage of living right in Whistler where many of the events were hosted. I booked off as many days off as my employer would allow and went about capturing and enjoying every aspect of the games. The memories that stand-out most to me were when we (Slovakia) won our first gold medal and also when we beat Russia in ice hockey. That was next level!

The vibe in Whistler village was unreal. It was something I will never forget.

Seeing the Canadians win a record setting amount of gold medals, eating European sausages, drinking mulled wine in the Swiss house, and listening to live bands playing throughout the village only added to the whole experience. Seeing the Olympics in person exceeded my wildest expectations and I’m so happy I was able to experience them. If you ever get a chance to see them, don’t miss out.